Groovy When Flower Power Bloomed In Pop Culture HC

It's all too beautiful! From Woodstock to 'The Banana Splits,' from 'Sgt. Pepper' to 'H.R. Pufnstuf,' from Altamont to 'The Partridge Family,' Groovy is a far-out trip to the era of lava lamps and love beads. This profusely illustrated hardcover book, in psychedelic color, features interviews with icons of grooviness such as Peter Max, Brian Wilson, Peter Fonda, Melanie, David Cassidy, members of the Jefferson Airplane, Cream, the Doors, the Cowsills and Vanilla Fudge; and cast members of groovy TV shows like 'The Monkees,' 'Laugh-In' and 'The Brady Bunch.' A color-saturated pop-culture history written and designed by Mark Voger, Groovy is one trip that doesn't require dangerous chemicals!


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