Something Epic TP Vol 01

(W/A/CA) Szymon Kudranski IMAGINATION IS REAL. Outside our perception, creative thought takes physical form, with only a handful of individuals known as Epics able to interact with this wondrous hidden world. But for fourteen-year-old Danny Dillon, accepting these responsibilities himself won't be easy-or safe. Lose yourself in a world of endless fantasy and creativity, where superheroes, monsters, magical creatures, and cartoon characters live and breathe alongside us. Fan-favorite Spawn and Punisher artist SZYMON KUDRANSKI introduces a world where the only limitation is your imagination.Collects groundbreaking hit series SOMETHING EPIC #1-7Szymon Kudranski's Something Epic is a breath-taking book that holds one of the most powerful messages for humanity. - CBR.COMIf you are a fan of strange stories and emotionally laced adventures, this is a comic you are not going to want to miss. - 10/10Something Epic is an experience that truly lives up to it's name. - 9.5/10Something Epic is a comic written for all those who have looked to their imagination to escape the

Szymon Kudranski
Full color

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