As Sparrow Flies Sojourners Saga Sc Novel Vol 01

(W) Chad Corrie From Chad Corrie comes a new YA dystopian fantasy. Annulis is a dying world. Nothing can stop the doom all say is coming. Some simply accept it, embracing the end. Others hold to a better future-a way of escape from the dark days ahead. Sarah and her people sojourn the land, searching for a city none have seen but believe exists as an escape from these troubling times. Elliott follows an army with a mandate calling for the purging of all that would hinder a glorious global rebirth. Both are nearing an ancient city set on its own destruction. Both will be tried behind its walls in ways unimaginable. And both will have to live with the consequences... Sword and flame. Hope and faith. All must follow their own path to the end... as the sparrow flies.

Dark Horse
Chad Corrie
Full color

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