Free Pass GN

(W/A/CA) Julian Hanshow Huck and Nadia are enjoying their twenties: working in Big Tech and developing an adventurous sex life. Together they fantasize about opening their relationship with a 'free pass' to sleep with certain friends or celebrities. It's all in good fun. But Huck is leading a double life. As a national election looms, he grows more and more uncomfortable with his company's unelected authority over internet discourse. When the couple receives a bizarre gift -a cutting-edge humanoid sex AI that can morph into anyone -their worlds of fantasy, trust, and consent are thrown into blissful chaos. In a society growing more divided each day, Huck struggles with the pressure to uphold boundaries at work... while everything is collapsing at home. Julian Hanshaw follows his acclaimed graphic novels Tim Ginger and Cloud Hotel with an intoxicating new tale of liberty, privacy, and shame, set in the sticky place where sex, politics, and technology come together.

Julian Hanshow

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