Savage Sword Conan Orig Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Vol 05 Asrar CVR (MR)

(W) Michael Fleisher, More (A) John Buscema, More (CA) Mahmud Asrar New writers Michael Fleisher and Bruce Jones join Conan legend John Buscema to drive the barbarian's black-and-white adventures into savage new directions! To topple a decadent royal, Conan must brave a moat of blood filled with gruesome monsters! And the barbarian survives a ship capsizing in storm-tossed seas only to awaken on the shores of an island filled with beautiful but deadly tiger-riding women warriors! Then, sadistic King Razak lures Conan into a death-filled maze! And writer Roy Thomas returns for a locked-door mystery set at sea, with Conan playing the sleuth! Plus: Comic-art master Alex Toth delivers a stunning Conan art portfolio, and Gil Kane and John Buscema both write and draw their barbarian backup features 'Chane' and 'Bront'! Collecting SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN (1974) #61-72.

John Buscema
Mahmud Asrar
Full Color

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