Irregular at Magic High School Light Novel Vol 15

(W) Tsutomu Sato (A/CA) Kana Ishida Though there are only a few scant days left before the National Thesis Competition, instead of preparing for the big day, Tatsuya and Miyuki have traveled to Kyoto in search of the fugitive Zhou Gongjin. They coordinate with Kudou Minoru in what seems like a fruitless search, following leads that lead nowhere-until a Saegusa bodyguard turns up dead by the Katsura River. As they close in on their quarry's hideout, Mayumi joins to seek vengeance and Tatsuya calls upon an old rival for help... For readers ages 13 years and up.

Yen Press
Tsutomu Sato
Kana Ishida
Kana Ishida

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