Jack Kirby Checklist Centennial Ltd Ed HC

The ultimate listing of Jack 'King' Kirby's work! With a decade of extensively researched corrections and additions since the 2008 'Gold Edition,' this final, fully-updated, definitive Centennial Edition clocks in at double its previous length, in a new 256-page Limited Edition Hardcover of only 1,000 copies to celebrate Kirby's Centennial! In addition to a detailed listing of all of Kirby's published comic book work (with dates, story titles, page counts, and inkers, plus reprints cross-referenced to help collectors locate less-expensive versions of key issues), it documents his work in: Pulp magazines, books, foreign editions, newspaper strips, fine art and collages, periodicals, fanzines, convention booklets, novels and short stories, essays, interviews, speeches and convention panels, art exhibitions, portfolios, posters, calendars, cards, stamps, stickers, radio and television appearances, audio and video recordings, animation, even Jack's unpublished work!

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