Thrilling Adv Hour TP Vol 02 Residence Evil

(W) Ben Acker, Ben Blacker (A) MJ Erickson (CA) Scott Newman Trading quips and tossing back cocktails, the Doyles take what they want and hoodwink their clientele for the rest. When one night of having a drink (or ten) with friends goes horribly wrong at a haunted house, the Doyles find themselves face-to-face with ancient beings of the blood-sucking variety. Luckily, their blood alcohol content is up for the task. Written by the creators of the wildly popular Hollywood stage show and podcast, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker ( Deadpool, Star Wars Adventures ), and illustrated by M.J. Erickson, The Thrilling Adventure Hour: Residence Evil is a rip-roaring adventure that harkens back to the heyday of old-time radio entertainment. Collects The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1-4.

BOOM! Studios
Ben Acker
MJ Erickson
Scott Newman

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