Crafty Cat & Great Butterfly HC

(W/A/CA) Charise Mericle Harper With her awesome crafting powers, Crafty Cat can solve any problem! This is the final volume of the exciting new trilogy from beloved author and cartoonist Charise Mericle Harper. Second grade isn't always a breeze for Birdie. There are just so many opportunities to embarrass herself! But Birdie's got a secret weapon that nobody knows about: her alter-ego, Crafty Cat! Birdie can become Crafty Cat without anyone noticing, and she always manages to get herself out of a jam using her awesome crafting skills! Everyone is excited about the school play and its lead role, the super-sparkly butterfly. Bossy Anya wants the part for herself. It will take all of Birdie's crafting skills to convince her class that she should be the star.

:01 First Second
Charise Mericle Harper

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