Irregular at Magic High School Light Novel Vol 04

(W) Tsutomu Satou (A/CA) Kana Ishida One of the centerpieces of the Nine School Competition, the Rookie Games. With only first years being allowed to take part in these matches, First High School's top student, Shiba Miyuki steps on the stage to display a beautiful, elegant performance. Though only supposed to be an irregular, a second-rate student, Tatsuya's skills in adjusting the team's CADs give them a strong advantage over the other schools. But as everything goes smoothly, an accident occurs that forces Tatsuya to take center stage where he'll have to face the first year known as the Crimson Prince, a first year ace from Third High School, Masaki Ichijou!

Yen Press
Kana Ishida
Kana Ishida

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