Irregular at Magic High School Light Novel Vol 01 (Res)

(W) Tsutomu Satou (A/CA) Kana Ishida High school drama and high-powered action in a world where magic is the new science! It's been a century since magic stopped being the stuff of fairy tales and became a practical technology. Siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba have both been admitted to a prestigious magical prep school--and while Miyuki's excellent entrance-exam scores qualify her to be part of Course 1 (a 'Bloom'), Tatsuya's poor performance relegates him to Course 2 (a 'Weed'). Tatsuya's going to need every bit of clever thinking he can come up with in order to keep both himself and his sister safe in a place where the students are learning to manipulate reality itself!

Yen Press
Kana Ishida
Kana Ishida

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