Villainess Who Has Been Killed Remembers Everything GN Vol 0

(W) Namakura (A/CA) Chinori Toriu Scarlet Ruby Noel Hydrangea has died 108 times. Born the daughter of a duke, she later seized the throne of the Hydrangea Kingdom and imposed a reign of absolute terror upon its citizens. However, she always met a brutal end at the hands of the five heroes destined to take her down. On her 109th loop, she regains the memories of her previous lives. Scarlet decides to use this knowledge to escape this cycle of disaster. But though she might have all the memories and knowledge of her previous lives, for now Scarlet is stuck as an infant. If she's to survive, Scarlet must depend on former foes to aid her-the same heroes who killed her before!

Chinori Toriu
Full color

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