Life Between Panels Complete Tails Omnibus TP

In this blend of autobiography and fantasy, a cartoonist records his life in New York City: his job, his creative career, his friends, his herd of cats, and a runaway comic strip come to life! Ethan's life as one of the many cartoonists living in NYC might look mundane at first glance-living with his parents, working a day job, playing with cats. But things get crazy when he starts to draw his comic strip Crusader Cat! Soon, Ethan can't tell the difference between real life and the comic panel! A semiautobiographical web comic by Ethan Young, the acclaimed writer and artist of Nanjing: The Burning City and The Battles of Bridget Lee graphic novel series. 'It's not often that an author can so skillfully evoke powerful emotion while telling a complex and long-forgotten story and this book is a excellent, necessary addition to the genre.' -A.V. Club

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Mike Richardson Steve Duin

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