Gou Dere Sora Nagihara GN Vol 02 (MR)

(W/A/CA) Suu Minazuki Two-dimensional love becomes reality when Sora Nagihara leaps from the manga pages into Shouta Yamakawa's life in this hilarious, raunchy, fantasy romp! It's volume 2 of the fresh fantasy comedy featuring tough but sweet cookie Sora Nagihara. This time, things take a serious turn when the real (?) Sora Nagihara, who Shouta fell for in manga form, shows up in his bed, claiming gou-dere Sora is an impostor! Get ready for another round of rough 2-D Art of Death Secret Techniques! Apartment superintendent Kaburagi, Shouta's landlady Tenka, and all the rest can't help but get caught up in the chaos!

Yen Press
Suu Minazuki
Suu Minazuki
Suu Minazuki
Black & White

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