Iron Man Tales of Golden Avenger GN TP

Collecting five action-packed stories starring the Golden Avenger! After a tragic airplane crash, 16-year-old Tony Stark loses his father and is so injured that he must use his dad's repulsor technology to keep himself alive. In the aftermath, Tony also discovers a prototype for the IRON MAN suit, and donning it, Iron Man resolves to fight the enemies of World Peace! And in IRON PROTOCOLS, Tony travels deep into the Arctic to do battle with an Artificial Intelligence trying to destroy all human life! Then, someone is using stolen Stark Industries technology to take control of Marvel's most high-tech heroes and villains. Sounds like the perfect time for Power Pack to attend an exhibit of old Iron Man armor! Collecting IRON MAN: ARMORED ADVENTURES, IRON MAN: IRON PROTOCOLS, MARVEL ADVENTURES IRON MAN #1 and IRON MAN AND POWER PACK #3-4.


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