Ghost Rider TP Vol 03 Dragged Out of Hell

(W) Ben Percy, Jon Tsuei (A) Dave Wachter, Various (CA) Bjorn Barends Hellfire and Danny Ketch! The F.B.I. has cast out Johnny Blaze and Talia Warroad, maybe because they're too destructive and unmanageable - or maybe because corruption reaches inside the very institution meant to protect us! As Johnny and Talia head to Savannah to investigate a necropolis, old friends and new foes appear on the horizon. A fresh chapter of horror begins for the Ghost Rider - and Danny Ketch is roaring up in the rearview mirror! But both Danny and Johnny have changed significantly, and they'll hardly recognize one another as their paths converge to war! Who is behind Danny's mindless carnage? And can Johnny and Talia save him before he destroys himself and many others? Plus: Ghost Rider shares a haunting team-up with South Korean hero Taegukgi! And what deadly threat links Johnny, Danny and Robbie Reyes? Collecting GHOST RIDER (2022) #11-16. Rated T+

Ben Percy
Dave Wachter
Bjorn Barends
Full color

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