Moomin DLX HC Lars Jansson Ed Slipcase (Res)

(W/A/CA) Lars Jansson Since the first Moomin comic strip appeared in the London Evening News, Tove Jansson's creations have become an international sensation, inspiring TV shows, cafés, a museum, an opera, and even an amusement park. And now in this new deluxe anniversary edition are hundreds of pages of Moomin comics, starring Moominmamma, Snorkmaiden, Sniff, Mrs. Fillyjonk, and many more familiar faces. This slipcase edition collects Lars Jansson's contributions to the series when his sister, Tove, grew tired of drawing a daily strip after half a decade, alongside rare ephemera and tributes by cartoonists and writers.

Lars Jansson
Lars Jansson
Lars Jansson
Black & White

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