Regular Show Original GN Vol 06 Comic Conned (C: 1-1-2)

(W) Nicole Andelfinger (A/CA) Mattia Di Meo ?? It?fs time for City ComicFest & Convention of Comic Culture! ?? When the one-and-only comic extravaganza comes to town, Mordecai and Rigby do everything they can to secure tickets for the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet their favorite action hero: Bulk Berk! But what starts as innocent fun soon becomes much more complicated when Bulk Berk asks them for help getting a super rare item that can only be found at the show. ?? Join writer Nicole Andelfinger ( Munchkin, Adventure Time Comics ) and illustrator Mattia di Meo ( Adventure Time/Regular Show) as Mordecai and Rigby embark on an incredible journey through their local comic convention.

BOOM! Studios
Mattia Di Meo

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