Uncle Scrooge TP Vol 11 Whom the Gods Would Destroy

(W/A) Byron Erickson & Various (CA) Massimo Fecchi Magic spells and mystic powers make mayhem in Duckburg? but Scrooge McDuck isn't afraid, 'cause he's tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties. Good thing, too. For someone's turned the Beagle Boys into powerful Greek gods; a wicked wishing stone is making Donald and the boys disappear; and a rogue satellite is plunging toward Scrooge's Money Bin! It's more than one duck can stand? but is it more than he can afford? Collects issues #32-34 of IDW's Uncle Scrooge series. ? Advance solicited for November release! ? Featuring fan-favorite creators from around the world!

Massimo Fecchi

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