Powerpuff Girls Time Tie HC

(W) Haley Mancini, Jake Goldman (A) Phil Murphy (CA) Chad Thomas Mojo Jojo has decided that because he can never destroy the Powerpuff Girls, he will do the next best thing: zap them into another time! Thus, he uses his patented 'Time Tie' on his suit at the Townsville New Year's celebration to blast the three little heroes back into three separate eras of the past. With Blossom in the Wild West, Bubbles sailing the Seven Seas of yesteryear, and Buttercup stuck in the social intrigues of a Jane Austen-like world, each girl will have to find her way back to the present before Mojo can complete his New Year's Resolution: The complete destruction of Townsville! Bullet points: * More YA action from the most colorful band of crime-fighters around!

Phil Murphy
Chad Thomas

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