Ghost & Lady GN Vol 01 (Of 2)

(W/A/CA) Kazuhiro Fujita A blend of historical fiction and Gothic ghost story featuring a fictionalized version of Florence Nightingale from a renowned creator. A twisting, twisted mystery plot will keep readers engaged in the fashion of mature manga hits like Monster and Uzumaki. Deep in Scotland Yard in London sits an evidence room, where artifacts of the greatest mysteries in London history are kept. In this 'Black Museum' sits two bullets, fused together after a head-on collision. This was the key piece of evidence in a case that brought together a supernatural Man in Gray and the famous nurse and activist Florence Nightingale, the only person who can see him. Surrounded by war and suffering, the lady enters into a desperate pact with this ghostlike man.

Kazuhiro Fujita
Black & White
Not Available