So I Cant Play H GN Vol 03

(W) Pan Tachibana (A/CA) Shou Okagiri In this lusty supernatural comedy, a typical high school boy with raging hormones gets the letch leeched out of him by a beautiful death goddess! At Ryosuke's place, Lisara and now Qru have taken up residence. With steamy situations arising day in and day out, Ryosuke is constantly sapped of vigor, but for a lecherous loser like him, it's a sad and happy life at the same time. And as if he had any more spirit energy to spare, Ryosuke is joined by the pin-up model Iria, who's just transferred into his class! But is it true that she's actually a grim reaper?

Yen Press
Shou Okagiri
Shou Okagiri
Full Color

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