Karma Michael Dipascale Rare CVR Ed HC (MR)

(W) Dan Wickline (A) Carlos Reno (CA) Michael DiPascale Alex is a photographer for an ad agency who leads a fairly quiet and reserved life. He gets a call one day from a friend, asking him to fill in on a photoshoot in the Valley. The swimwear shoot is on a set where he has a chance encounter with Karma, one of the lead models. Karma is fiercely independent woman who is working on being more than a star, but a brand. In Alex she sees someone new to her world, unjaded by it. Someone with a fresh eye...and she thinks it could be fun opening his mind to new adventures. This new edition features cover art by Michael DiPascale, known for his covers on titles published by BOOM! Studios, Avatar Press, Coffin Comics and ZeneScope.

Dan Wickline
Carlos Reno
Michael DiPascale
Full color

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