Inferno Girl Red TP Vol 01 Mv

(W) Matt Groom (A/CA) Erica D'Urso, Igor Monti Apex City is a globally recognised hub of progress and beacon of hope-until it's ripped out of our universe by an ancient cult and its army of demons. The only one who can save it is its newest resident, teen C?ssia Costa, after a magical dragon bracelet rockets into her life. But the bracelet is powered by belief, and a life of hardship has left C?ssia with little of that to spare. When all seems lost, can C?ssia rekindle her belief in a better tomorrow to embrace a secret legacy, save her mother's life, and light the way as INFERNO GIRL RED? From creators ERICA D'URSO (The Mighty Valkyries) and MAT GROOM (SELF/MADE, Ultraman), the saga of the newest Image Comics superhero begins here! INFERNO GIRL RED is a Massive-Verse series. Collects INFERNO GIRL RED: BOOK ONE #1-3

Matt Groom
Erica D'Urso
Erica D'Urso
Full Color

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