Donald Duck 20000 Leaks Under the Sea HC

(W) Dick Kinney (A) Al Hubbard Wild Silver Age comics classics follow squabbling Donald and Fethry Duck from hill country to the briny deep! Who lives in a submarine under the sea? Donald's cuckoo-bananas cousin Fethry, that's who! He's roping desperate Don into a two week treasure hunt on the ocean floor? and a bear-taming trip to Duckburg's deepest woods - and a mission to cure hiccups with scary rural remedies! Are fame and fortune worth it? In the Disney Masters series, Fantagraphics unearths a treasure trove of hitherto untranslated work in the grand Walt Disney tradition, expanding the mythologies of fan favorites Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and bringing to American readers the work of the acclaimed foreign artists who popularized beloved Disney characters in their own countries. Fresh artwork, fresh new adventures and fresh new laughs!

Dick Kinney
Al Hubbard
Full Color

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