Soulfire TP Vol 01 Return of the Light

Aspen's premiere magical adventure series is back in a new lower-priced introductory trade paperback for new and returning readers alike! Magic is no longer a myth… Countless years ago, beings of magic lived and thrived amongst each other in relative harmony. However, the cycle of magic would soon diminish and technology quickly overshadowed the world. Grace of Empyrea, a magical being of incredible power, would spend many lifetimes searching for the Samusara-or Bearer of the Light-a catalyst capable of ushering in the latest era of magic. But, the forces of technology have plans of their own in finding the one responsible for the return of the light! Showcasing the original breathtaking storyline by creator and superstar artist, the late Michael Turner, this streamlined and lower-priced new printing of the best-selling Soulfire Volume One is an absolute must have for all Aspen and Turner fans!


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