Log Horizon Light Novel Vol 08 Larks Take Flight

(W) Mamare Touno (A/CA) Kazuhiro Hara For the sake of obtaining their very own Magic Bags, Touya, Minori, Serara, Isuzu, and Rundelhous all set off on their very first journey as a five-member party! Their quest to find the materials soon becomes a crosscountry musical tour, as they find themselves performing live events in all the towns and villages they come across! On their journey they meet a daylight hating vampire, a People of the Land scribe, and a band of fanatics who believe they've unlocked the secret to returning to the real world. This is their first real adventure alone, without any supervision and no one to bail them out, but will they really be safe in this world that's more dangerous than it seems?

Yen Press
Mamare Touno
Kazuhiro Hara

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