Aeiou GN

Some creators cannot be pigeonholed, with each new work being completely unlike the last. Jeffrey Brown is one such creator. From autobiographical memoirs to gag cartoons to 1980's kitsch-nostalgia, each new work takes readers into worlds never seen before. AEIOU completes Brown's most famous work, the "Girlfriend Trilogy," where he explores the subtle difference between knowing someone and loving that someone. Sulk! collects some of Brown's experimental comics, mixing fantasy, science-fiction, and realistic fiction in unequal measures. The Incredible Change-Bots is both a parody of classic 1980's transforming robot cartoons, as well as a meditation on the nature of nostalgia, while not skimping on robot-on-robot epic battle action! Finally, for anyone who needs some comic reading that's quick, there's I Am Going To Be Small, Brown's collection of hilarious gag cartoons. Each book features Brown's trademark expressive artwork, while being completely new and different

Jeffrey Brown
Black & White

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