Frumpy the Clown II the Fat Lady Sings TP

In this year of new beginnings, with a new President in the White House and the dawn of the true millennium, a new patriot will come to the fore - Frumpy the Clown! Like all great patriots of old, you may not realize his true American spirit initially. He seems cranky, paranoid, even a tad smelly. But it is these very qualities that have signaled true visionaries of the past. The iconoclast is always the delusional crackpot who lives in a shack and looks like he belongs in a mental institution as he lurks through normal society, shaking things up from the inside. And Frumpy is doing just that! You have been warned! The future revolution starts here! In these very reprints of Judd Winick's classic newspaper comic strips, the hilarious Frumpy The Clown. This is the second of two volumes, reprinting the Frumpy series in its entirety! Mature Readers.

Oni Press
Judd Winick
Judd Winick
Judd Winick
Black & White

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