Frumpy the Clown I Freaking Out the Neighbors TP Vol 01 (MR)

Before Green Lantern, before Barry Ween, there was Frumpy the Clown, the main character of the alternative comic strip by Judd Winick! Forget ponies, puppy dogs, and hamsters, a clown is the true prize. And not the creepy kind that's gonna freak you out and make you soil your shorts either, but a chain-smoking, cynical, anarchist clown whose more interested in sticking it to the stuffed-shirt establishment than getting a job or focusing on the finer points of personal hygiene. When Frumpy enters the home of a typical American family, the children, Brad and Kim, are ecstatic. Their parents, neighbors, and local law enforcement, on the other hand, wish he would go away. Sized at 9' x 10' to preserve the original newspaper proportions. Mature Readers.

Oni Press
Judd Winick
Judd Winick
Judd Winick
Black & White

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