Nova Vol 2 Knowhere TP

It's the Phalanx, the New Mutants' Warlock and more in a second volume rocketing right from the pages of ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST! We've seen Richard Rider burnt to a crisp, replaced by a Kree hottie and turned to the dark side. But just wait until you see what the last surviving 'space cop' faces now! What is the haunted place called Knowhere? Who are Xarth's Mightiest Heroes? Why will the new character named Cosmo quickly become one of your favorites? Oh…and what well-known CONQUEST characters are hot on our hero's trail? As Nova enters the final phase of his epic quest for the key to defeating the Phalanx, the lone Centurion faces his darkest hour. Past, present and future clash, as the tyrannical techno-fiends make one last attempt to enslave him - in an act that will unravel Rider's life right back to the moment where he first became the man called Nova - and possibly reveal his future! Plus: A special standalone thriller that traps Nova and Gamora, the universe's most dangerous woman, together - and also the big return of the New Mutants' Warlock - in the next volume of the serie

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