Erb Authorized Library Tarzan HC Vol 01 Tarzan of the Apes

(W) Edgar Rice Burroughs (A/CA) Joe Jusko For the first time ever, the Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library presents the complete literary works of the Master of Adventure in handsome uniform editions, and each volume is packed with extras and rarities not to be found in any other edition. Orphaned as a babe in the African jungle, tiny John Clayton, the only child of the Lord and Lady Greystoke, is rescued by a tribe of great apes. The child, now named 'Tarzan,' grows to manhood in this savage world, among the fierce anthropoids. Aided by his keen knife and innate intelligence, Tarzan ascends to become king of the apes, able to face any peril and conquer all foes.

Joe Jusko
Black & White
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