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(W/A/CA) Milt Gross Presenting a comprehensive collection of the major comic strips from Milt Gross; Nize Baby, Count Screwloose, and Dave's Delicatessen, along with other comic strips and offerings from books and magazines. The king of screwball comic strips, Milt Gross, had a varied career in movies and animation, humorous poetry and illustrated novels, and most prolifically, comic strips. Beginning in the 1920s, his comics were born of the Yiddish humor in vaudeville and expanded to lampooning all the foibles and fallacies of American life. Filled with bizarre characters and frenzied, slapstick action, Gross's newspaper comics entertained readers for decades. Most of the classics seen here have never been reprinted before!

Milt Gross
Milt Gross
Milt Gross
Full Color

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