Infinity Countdown Companion TP

(W) Gerry Duggan & Various (A) Nicole Virella & Various (CA) Clayton Crain The events of the INFINITY COUNTDOWN are felt all across the Marvel Universe! Carol Danvers has the Reality Stone - and with it meets the Captain Marvels of many worlds! Daredevil battles to keep Hell's Kitchen safe from the influence of the Mind Stone - now in the most unlikely of hands! The Champions head to space to save the Nova Corps and stop Warbringer - and the young heroes are in for the fight of their lives! And an old friend entrusts the Space Stone into the hands of the Black Widow - but is even the world's top espionage agent ready to handle cosmic responsibility? Don't miss this blockbuster companion volume to the explosive event! Rated T+

Gerry Duggan
Clayton Crain

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