Pre Code Classics the Beyond Slipcase Ed HC Vol 05 (C: 0-1-1

(A) Ken Rice & Various There's something spooky about the flight crew featured on the cover of the penultimate volume of Ace Magazines' The Beyond, and the scares don't end there, Captain, as, of course, you would expect with such a creative line-up of sketchers and scribblers featured in issues 21 through 25 from the glorious golden years, I mean, hey, we're talking Sy Grudko, Dick Beck, Lou Cameron, Jim McLaughlin, Lin Streeter, Ken Rice and Louis Zansky So don't hang about, when you thought it was gonna be safe to put your wallet away, think again cos here comes even more fun 'n' games in the form of ghouls and cadavers, vampires and ghosts! Collects The Beyond #21-25 (July 1953 to March 1954).

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Ken Rice
Full Color

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