Green Hornet Casefiles Sc

Moonstone presents The Green Hornet Casefiles, the second anthology featuring all-new, original crime fiction tales of the man who hunts the biggest of all game, public enemies that even the FBI can't reach! On police records, the Green Hornet is actually a wanted criminal, a master manipulater, a crime boss who has his fingers in every pie. In reality, The Green Hornet is actually Britt Reid, owner-publisher of the Daily Sentinel who, along with his partner Kato, destroys crime from within by posing as a criminal! This anthology features stories by Joe McKinney, Jim Mullaney, and John Everson. Available in a Softcover edition with a cover by Michael William Kaluta and a Limited Hardcover edition with a cover by Rub?n Procopio.

Ruben Procopio
Black & White
Not Available