Pre Code Classics Weird Adventures Slipcase Ed HC Vol 01

(A) Matt Baker & Various This volume features a heck of a lineup of classic writers and artists including Matt Baker, John Giunta, Bob Jenney, Richard Case, Charles Nicholas, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Norman Nodel, Harry Lazaarus and A.C. Hollingsworth in stories collected from P.L. Publishing's Weird Adventures #1-3 from 1951. And as an added bonus, this volume also features two classic 1952 issues from Avon Comics: City of the Living Dead - a tale of treasure, terror and ancient Aztec curses; and the Diary of Horror, featuring the lore of the Obeah Man? a devil incarnate and the temple of mirrors, the House of the Seven-Armed God, Struga! Available in Standard and Slipcased hardcover editions!

Paizo Inc
Matt Baker
Full Color
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