InStockTrades New Releases Alert & Delay Notice

New Releases Alert 

We have decided to postpone this week’s new releases until Tuesday, February 23rd at 2PM CST/3PM EST. The weather conditions in Memphis are better than they have been but there are still obstacles, therefore we feel that travel is not yet safe for our employees.

The 2% loyalty discount has been extended to 15 days so if you placed an order on Tuesday, February 9th you will still qualify for the discount on Tuesday, February 23rd. The extension to the loyalty discount is a temporary adjustment and should be back to the normal 8-day period by Thursday, February 25th. 

Order Delay Notice

Our warehouse is currently behind on processing orders due to a couple of reasons. We have had many large release weeks in the last few months that have caused our processing times to slow down. Hiring and retaining new staff members is an ongoing struggle, plus on top of that we have employees missing work due to illness/quarantine or winter storms, which adds to our order processing delays. The staff that we do have are doing everything in their power to process orders as quickly as they can and we are very thankful for them! 

Due to the Coronavirus, we are seeing a lot of delays with our package deliveries. Most deliveries are taking about a month to get delivered but in some cases, it can take closer to two months. We understand the frustration this may cause but when this does happen, the package is almost always delivered. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to speed up package delivery. If you do not wish to deal with the package delays, we recommend that you select the UPS Ground shipping upgrade during the checkout process. It seems like UPS Ground packages are getting delivered within 1-2 weeks.

Because of these delays, InStockTrades has been receiving a high number of emails in recent weeks which has created a backlog of emails. We ask that you please refrain from sending multiple emails concerning the same issue. By sending multiple emails you are adding to the backlog and slowing down our response time. We will respond to your email as quickly as we can.

Also, please make sure to double check that everything looks correct in your order before completing the order. We are only able to honor order adjustments when we are caught up with orders, which we are currently trying to do so we cannot honor any adjustments at this time.

Thank you for your time!