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***InStockTrades Customers***    


First of all, all of us at IST would like to thank everyone for their loyalty during these times. We are definitely keeping busy with all of the orders that you have been placing!! Also, thank you for your patience with order delays, we are doing our best to get orders out as fast as possible with the limited staff that we have.


As many of you know, Diamond has confirmed that they intend to resume distribution of comics in mid- to late- May. For now, we do not know when April new release items will become available. This includes the new printing of the Wolverine Omnibus & the new printing of the Silver Surfer Omnibus. I will continue to make Facebook posts about any new updates at this time.  


DC New Product


Thanks to Lunar Distribution, we are going to be able to offer DC collected titles starting the week of May 5th! Here is a list of the upcoming DC new releases for InStockTrades:


May 5th

Lost Carnival A Dick Grayson Graphic Novel TP

Batman Detective Comics HC Vol 03 Greetings From Gotham

Green Arrow Year One Deluxe Edition HC

Shazam! The Worlds Mightiest Mortal HC Vol 02

Weird Western Tales Jonah Hex HC Vol 01

Young Justice TP Gemworld


May 12th

Justice League Dark TP Vol 03 The Witching War

Superman Action Comics TP Vol 02 Leviathan Rising

Superman Action Comics HC Vol 03 Leviathan Hunt

Superman Smashes the Klan TP

Wonder Woman & Justice League Dark Witching Hour TP

Adventures of Superman by George Perez HC

*** Previous update


All of us at InStockTrades are working hard to continue to provide excellent service during this trying time.

We are told that publishers are assessing their ability to print and release the books scheduled for the month of April. Diamond currently has 4/1 releases in their warehouse, and although they do not plan to distribute those titles for this week, they are planned to be fulfilled at a later date. Most titles set for 4/8 release have also been printed and are in a holding pattern until more comprehensive measures can be made.

While Diamond is not currently planning to ship new product to retailers, they are continuing to ship reorders for older product. InStockTrades will continue to place reorders with Diamond to replenish our stock. Diamond has stated that these reorders may not be filled on the same day that they are placed. This will cause some delays in our receipt of the reorders which may in turn cause delays in some of our shipments to you.

This is a very fluid time, where decisions are made and changed within hours. As information is provided by Diamond and the publishers, we will do our best to apprise customers of all pertinent information regarding their shipments and what they can expect.

The InStockTrades Team