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(W) David Quinn, More (A) Mel Rubi, More (CA) Mark Buckingham Doctor Strange and the Midnight Sons are under siege - and Strange is transformed! Now the masked mystery magician known as Strange tests his sorcery against Doctor Doom and Namor! Clea returns, the Hulk is possessed and the sinister Salom? makes her move. But what is the connection between Strange and Dr. Vincent Stephens? And will the real Sorcerer Supreme please stand up? As Strange masters the power of catastrophe magic, Baron Mordo plots his arch-foe's death! But can even the Master of the Mystic Arts prevent the birth of Chthon? Plus: An untold team-up with Spider-Man! An award-winning tale that will disturb you! And more! Collecting DOCTOR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME #60-90, ANNUAL #4 and ASHCAN EDITION; STRANGE TALES (1994) #1; MIDNIGHT SONS UNLIMITED #6; DR. STRANGE: WHAT IS IT THAT DISTURBS YOU, STEPHEN? and UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN: STRANGE ENCOUNTER. Rated T+
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(W) Ben Raab, Chris Claremont (A) Mel Rubi, Various (CA) Alan Davis The sword is sheathed! It's the end of an era as the original EXCALIBUR series concludes! The alien Sidri are out for vengeance - but the adorable Bamfs may be even more dangerous when Nightmare haunts the team's dreams! As Excalibur hunts for Legion, Nightcrawler confronts?the original X-Men?! Then, wedding bells ring for Captain Britain and Meggan! But first, everyone will have to make it through Brian's bachelor party! Plus: In a special tale from Excalibur's past, Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers are thrown back in time - and must decide whether to save one friend or the lives of millions! And as Captain Britain takes on a new role, Psylocke and the Black Knight join the fray for swords and sorcery in Otherworld! Collecting EXCALIBUR (1988) #116-125, X-MEN UNLIMITED (1993) #19, X-MEN: TRUE FRIENDS #1-3 and EXCALIBUR (2001) #1-4. Rated T
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(W) Luke Lieberman & Various (A) Mel Rubi, Joshua Ortega (CA) Lucio Parrillo You may have heard the stories of a certain barbarian at the tail end of life living as a king, now it's time to read about the Queen! Before she was a warrior, Red Sonja was a wild child in the Hyrkanian wilderness, before she ruled the empire of Emora, she thieved the streets of Pah-Disha. Running from the the pain of her bloody origins she gambles her life recklessly. Surviving these rough years taught her to fight, to hunt, to steal and to kill. They taught her one more thing, that her gift is her doom, and there is no escaping it. Pick up this terrific tome to read these tales of a mature battle-hardened Sonja atop the throne, dealing with threats from the outside and within. 'Know also, O prince, that in the selfsame days that the Cimmerian did stalk the Hyborian Kingdoms, one of the few swords worthy to cross with his was that of Red Sonja, warrior-woman out of majestic Hyrkania. Forced to flee her homeland because she spurned the advances of a king and slew him instead, she rode west across the Tu
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