Marian Churchland

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(W) Brandon Graham (A/CA) Marian Churchland A lady of the blood house has had her mind trapped in a strange alien body. She was hiding on the outskirts of her kingdom until she learns that an alien monster pretending to be her has taken her place. BRANDON GRAHAM (KING CITY, PROPHET ,ISLAND) and MARIAN CHURCHLAND (BEAST) bring you sharp genderqueer knights, blood magic, death gods, astral projection, and a goose. Collects ARCLIGHT #1-4.
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(W/A/CA) Marian Churchland If you were a goblin, what would your treasure hoard contain? Gems and minerals, biscuits and pastries, finely tailored jackets-or perhaps all of the above. Collects illustrations and essays from MARIAN CHURCHLAND's popular long-running blog,
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