Marco Finnegan

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(W) Philip Kennedy Johnson (A) Marco Finnegan (CA) Marc Aspinall 007 is back in action! After a high-stakes rescue mission is mysteriously, violently sabotaged, Bond's future at MI6 hangs in the balance. As he awaits his fate, James Bond is urgently contacted by an old flame and mentor: Gwendolyn Gann, formerly Agent 003, who warns Bond of an existential threat to England and the global balance of power. But before they can meet, 003 turns up dead, sending Bond on the most personal mission of his career: find Gwendolyn Gann's killers, and expose the shadowy organization known only as 'Myrmidon.' Written by PHILLIP KENNEDY JOHNSON (Action Comics) and illustrated by MARCO FINNEGAN (Kolchak), this handsome hardcover edition collects 007 #1-6 and features a cover by MARC ASPINALL.
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(W) Ace Atkins (A) Marco Finnegan (CA) Chris Brunner After a New Orleans college professor goes missing while searching for the rumored lost recordings of bluesman Robert Johnson-who, as legend has it, sold his soul to the devil at a Mississippi crossroads-Nick Travers is sent to find him. Clues point to everyone from an eccentric albino named Cracker to a hitman who believes he is the second coming of Elvis Presley. From the Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist turned New York Times bestselling author ACE ATKINS, and artist MARCO FINNEGAN, comes a thrilling tale of crime and mystery that brings the history of the blues and the Mississippi Delta to life on every page.
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