Leila Marzocchi

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Seasons change and many things occur in the second issue of Leila Marzocchi's wildly original, beautifully drawn, ecologically-minded fable. Saved from the threat of a giant centipede by the birds who are taking care of her, the little maggot protagonist "Doll" goes into hibernation as Winter looms. While she sleeps, follow the adventures of the old owl "Grandpa," who discovers that he has a superpower. Spring comes, and Doll wakes up, but she has mutated again and is now so hungry that even the best efforts on the birds' part are not sufficient to stave off potential starvation. Only a prophecy from the Row of Rustling Poplars can save her! Meanwhile, the loyal Wingman realizes that Taxus, the tree he calls home, is no longer answering - what has happened to his spirit?
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