Jordi Armengol

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(W) Mike Richardson (A/CA) Jordi Armengol From Mike Richardson, creator of The Mask, comes a superhero vision as dark as the night. Twenty-five years ago, a genuine masked crimefighter came out of nowhere to declare war on crime. All of America celebrated the exploits of the black-clad vigilante . . . and then he disappeared. But when down-on-his-luck investigator Jake Stevens is hired to find the long-missing avenger, his inquiries threaten to expose the myth behind the mask. Collects Cloaked #1-#4. 'Mysterious and memorable . . . a well-executed, sleek detective story wrapped up in a superhero costume.' -Multiversity Comics
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(W) John Bruno (A/CA) Jordi Armengol An alien navigator, captured in battle on Jupiter's fourth moon, Europa, seeks sanctuary. In return, the alien will provide his advanced technology to help defend mankind from the alien force that enslaved him and has come to destroy us. In this backdrop is a story of love and reconciliation between a young Marine officer-placed in command of Earth's forces-his estranged wife, and Amy . . . the daughter he's never met. o Visual effects mastermimd John Bruno creates a space adventure of epic proportions.
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