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Youth Romantic Comedy Wrong Expected Novel Sc Vol 03

(W) Wataru Watari (A) Ponkan 8 Nothing ever changes. No friends, no girlfriends - nothing but a solitary life at school. So why is Hachiman so uncomfortable? Maybe it's the fact that their club room is one girl short. There's no way Yukino and Hachiman can solve the problems born from this chain of misunderstandings. The bittersweet time with Totsuka, preparing for battle with Zaimokuza, a secret side of Ms. Hiratsuka... and strip poker? Surrounded by characters sprinting headlong in the wrong direction, will the club ever return to normal? Publisher: Yen Press
Writer: Watari, Wataru
Artist: Ponkan 8
Cover Artist:
Page Count: 240
Product Code: JUL172361D
ISBN: 9780316318068
Colors: Color