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Ubel Blatt GN Vol 02 (MR)

(W/A/CA) Etorouji Shiono An epic fantasy on the grandest of scales! With the moons out of sight, K?inzell must rely on his friends to cut down the cruel Chiliarch Fargo and reach the 'Hero' Schtemw?lech. At one time, K?inzell would have counted Schtemw?lech among his closest friends, but there is no trace of the once-honorable warrior left in the traitorous landgrave. As the voices of Schtemw?lech's innocent victims cry out in their agony, K?inzell is touched to his very soul, and his rage transforms him into an instrument of judgment upon the man he once called a comrade! Publisher: Yen Press
Writer: Shiono, Etorouji
Artist: Shiono, Etorouji
Cover Artist: Shiono, Etorouji
Page Count: 400
Product Code: MAR151679
ISBN: 9780316340397
Colors: Black & White
Was: $20.00
IST price: $15.00
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