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Spice And Wolf Novel Vol 13 Side Colors III (MR)

After smuggling gold into the Church city of Ruvinheigen with Lawrence and Holo, Norah abandoned her life as a shepherdess and set out on a journey with her loyal hound, Enek. In order to make her dream of becoming a seamstress a reality, she heads for the town of Kuskov, which is rumored to be experiencing a labor shortage. After rescuing a priest from attack en route, Norah discovers that his destination is the same as hers. However, the priest speaks not of a simple dearth of laborers-according to him, Kuskov's population is waning from a plague! Norah's story continues in 'The Shepherd and the Black Knight'! Three more new anecdotes about Lawrence and Holo's travels round out this third collection of Spice & Wolf shorts! Publisher: Yen Press
Writer: Hasekura, Isuna
Artist: Koume, Keito
Cover Artist: Koume, Keito
Page Count: 240
Product Code: OCT141783
ISBN: 9780316336611
Colors: Prose
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IST price: $9.75
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