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Btooom GN Vol 05 (MR)

An expert gamer is forced to play a real-life version of his favorite game in a battle to the death! Unwilling to play by the rules of the twisted minds behind the live-action version of BTOOOM! in which he finds himself enmeshed, Ryouta Sakamoto vows, with his comrades, Himiko and Kiyoshi Taira, to find a way off of the deserted island that doesn't involve murder. But when giant carnivorous lizards and stab-happy ex-soldiers count among the residents of this island hell, Sakamoto finds that getting a little blood on his hands is inevitable! Publisher: Yen Press
Writer: Junya Inoue
Artist: Junya Inoue
Cover Artist:
Page Count: 208
Product Code: DEC131357
ISBN: 9780316245425
Colors: Black & White