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Bloody Cross GN Vol 10 (MR)

(W/A/CA) Shiwo Komeyama Alliances have shifted and settled once more, with new lines drawn between the three factions vying for godhood. Arcana's intention to join the race independently and win divine power for demonkind could cause a huge shift in the order of things if they are able to gain control of the remaining Crusade relics, since they've already made copies of Tsuzuki's and Satsuki's divine relics. Now that Tsuzuki is allied with Kamuhaburi, the overseers of the Crusades, his first order of business is to help them thwart the false contenders - and secure his own path to victory! Publisher: Yen Press
Writer: Komeyama, Shiwo
Artist: Komeyama, Shiwo
Cover Artist: Komeyama, Shiwo
Page Count: 224
Product Code: JAN161819
ISBN: 9780316393577
Colors: Black & White
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IST price: $6.50
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