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A Certain Magical Index Light Novel Sc Vol 09

(W) Kazuma Kamachi (A/CA) Kiyotaka Haimura The Daihasei Festival - a huge athletics festival attended by every school in Academy City, where the superpowered students attending these institutions gather to compete in a wide variety of competitions. And of course, Touma Kamijou is participating. His terrible luck is still in full effect; he's gnawed on by a famished Index, castigated by a representative of the festival management committee, and zapped mid-competition by none other than Mikoto Misaka. But Academy city's about to have a much bigger problem - and her name is Oriana Thomson. Publisher: Yen Press
Writer: Kamachi, Kazuma
Artist: Haimura, Kiyotaka
Cover Artist: Haimura, Kiyotaka
Page Count: 260
Product Code: SEP162150D
ISBN: 9780316359962
Colors: Black & White
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IST price: $7.00
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